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After having disappeared for several years, Renée Zellweger returns with the Dilemma series and explains the reasons for her absence from Hollywood in an interview with Closer. “I felt like I was losing my identity. I couldn’t standort myself anymore. Hollywood is a universe where you can quickly lose your way. I really liked the job of being an actress, but I couldn’t stand anything that surrounds him. I was lucky enough to realize that a career is not important in relation to life in general,” explained the actress, who turned 50 in April.

“I felt like I had become some kind of impostor,” she added. “I couldn’t look at myself anymore, but I couldn’t hear myself talk either. It was time for me to take a break. I felt the need to enter a kind of silence to better listen to others and better understand life. Leaving Hollywood, I became stronger I learned a lot from this experience and it allowed me to return to Hollywood with a different state of mind,” he said.

Zellweger has chosen television for her return and not the cinema. “There is no longer a distinction between film and television. We have reached a point where television programs can have even higher quality than movies,” she clarified.

The actress, so many times scrutinized by her aesthetic changes, has also talked about this controversy. “It may be surprising, but I have not been touched by such criticism. I admit, however, that this period was extremely violent for me, but I think it made me even stronger. In fact, it is quite strange, but these comments made me feel better about myself. learning more about who I was as a woman, as a person.”

Away from Hollywood, the actress spent a lot of time with her family, studied and worked for charities. “For a long time I wanted to dedicate myself to associations that fight for the defense and protection of women around the world. That’s why I spent time in Liberia developing a school program for young women.”

She also likes to run a lot. “I realized that this physical activity allowed me to eliminate my stress, my fatigue and my anxieties,” she explained.

She says about her personal life that being famous has not had a negative impact on her love life. “I think every relationship is influenced by work and life in general. It’s something that’s quite human. However, it’s clear that it’s better in a relationship to get away from this environment that can be very toxic.”

Expert Opinions

Yesterday, Audrey gave the bell, surprising us all by showing us some agency photos in which the actress Renee Zellweger was exhibiting herself, posing at the photocall of the party organized by ELLE magazine. Audrey commented, with a lot of sparkle, that after passing through the body and paint shop she had little left of the mythical Bridget Jones.

After the controversy caused by these photos, which were the trending topic of the day, and rightly so!, we have contacted Dr. Antonio de la Fuente, Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit at Hospital Ruber Internacional, so that he explain to us what the actress had done to herself, and what she thought of the result

“With the limitation that implies the only observation of some non-professional photos to the effect, in which the details cannot be seen with precision, apart from the difference in age and weight that seems to exist between some photos taken after the surgery and other previous ones to which I have had access, it is mainly apparent the difference at the level of the upper eyelid, which seems due to the performance of an upper blepharoplasty.”

“This actress has a type of eyelid that we call “heavy eyelid” that is characterized by being of an oriental type, without a well-defined furrow (accompanied by fat that makes a fuller eyelid), in which the skin practically falls on the lashes.

In the current photos that we are dealing with, you can see – aside from the fact that she is a few years older and thinner -, a lower tail of the eyebrow, an upper eyelid with a very defined furrow, without that “heaviness” that characterized the eyelid above, which makes the change more apparent.”

Dr. Antonio de la Fuente concluded by stating that:

“If more skin and fat had been preserved from that upper eyelid, the effects would not have been as significantly apparent as is often the case.”

I, who don’t understand anything about the subject, would say that the touch-up they have done has been extremely radical because, if you look closely, the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelashes seems to have decreased, and the eyebrows are much less arched (although they also it seems that that day, he had forgotten to wax them).

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